Equipment sourcing and supply is our core business, and is traditionally how our customers think of us. However, we also provide a wide range of services and data acquisition. We not only sell tried and tested equipment, but also have expert knowledge to get the best system for your requirements. We can be involved in initial planning, system design and set-up, installation, maintenance, repair and on-going customer technical support.

Scottech can help you make the right choices for you. We think about the things you may not, by discussing why you need to collect data, and working out how to satisfy the project requirements.

System Planning & Design
We plan systems based around your requirements. Our customer technical support staff discuss your requirements in detail, before making suggestions about the solution necessary to acquire the data set you need.
  • Custom design for specific environmental monitoring requirements
  • Equipment sourcing
  • Configuration & programming
  • Installation & commission

Equipment Supply & Assembly
We have an innovative and experienced team of technicians, as many systems require equipment from different suppliers to be assembled and tested before shipping.

Field Installation
We have a team of experienced field technicians, who can install systems throughout New Zealand and the Islands.

Site Maintenance
Our versatile and resourceful field technicians, can travel to your site to check it is in full operational order and carry out emergency or scheduled maintenance.

Performance Verification
Different levels of calibration and performance verification is available for your equipment, based on requirements and budget.

Workshop Repairs & Servicing
We can carry out warranty and non-warranty repairs on site for the majority of the products we sell. Where supplier agreements prevent this, we return items to the manufacturer.
  • Campbell Scientific datalogger calibration
  • Sensor calibration or operational checks
  • Sensor and datalogger repairs