Meteorology Field Work

New Site installation or Upgrades; Data recovery; Maintenance and annual performance verification services


As well as providing equipment, Scott Technical can provide installation and maintenance services for monitoring and data logging equipment. Our field staff responsible for installations and fault resolution are all fully qualified electronics technicians (some have electrical registration as well).

In their vehicles they carry spare sensors and test equipment, chosen specifically for the job they are traveling to.

The services we can provide include field calibration of sensors and operation of a climate station, including repairs and adjustment of sensors in the field, including checking rain gauges (at various rainfall rates), accuracy of temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and solar radiation sensors, against known references, and checks for accuracy of operation of wind speed and direction sensors.

If necessary, removal for a lab repair or calibration can also be done.

Calibration, installations, and site visits in general, customers will generally receive a written report detailing the visit.